• No system is perfect, and the implementation has not been without difficulties but as a system that can be tuned to your design assurance systems and provide confidence in document records, the Aprotec DMS has proved its worth
  • Aprotec DMS gives staff access to approximately 37,000 drawings and documents that they can quickly search for, view and print. Bristol Water is nearing completion of registering and scanning all of it's old manual paper drawings meaning every drawing, however old, will be available to view within seconds. - David Bailey, Senior Project Manager, Bristol Water
  • In a recent survey conducted by CCH, a Wolters Kluwer company, 72.8% of respondents who have implemented a Document Management Solution (DMS) system agreed - it has increased their efficiency and productivity.
  • Before we had Aprotec DMS, a plant operator wanting to correct a fault could be waiting 12 hours or in a worst case over a weekend, 48hrs!!! for his request for a drawing to be actioned. Things run a lot more efficiently today! - Andy Brickell, CAD Manager, Syngenta Ltd.

Document Management for Enterprise

Electronic Document Management (EDM) is nothing new, Aprotec have been supplying such systems for over 30 years.

In recent years more and more companies are seeking help and advice from Aprotec to implement document management and control systems across the entire business.

A wealth of experience together with mature proven software technology is available from Aprotec to help companies control and safeguard one of their most valuable assets, their documents!

Your business can work more efficiently, save time and costs with an Aprotec CAD & Document Management solution.


CAD & DOC Management:

  • Powerful document search access
  • Enhance document security with permissions
  • Online access and document distribution
  • Ensure document uniformity
  • Strict revision control
  • Powers workflow management
  • Optional email integration
  • Microsoft SharePoint integration
  • Increased efficiency and speed
  • Reduce your running costs

    Download the Aprotec DMS business case to learn more.

Aprotec DMS

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For over 30 years Aprotec has provided document management solutions across a variety of industries. [more]

Go Green

By moving to Aprotec DMS, organisations reduce paper-use and significantly cut CO2 emissions... [more]